Detroit Democide and Basic Human Needs: Air, Water, Food

Cochabamba versus Bechtel 2000
Cochabamba versus Bechtel 2000

Yesterday the water was off for six hours due to a problem at the community well and I thought about Detroit.

Humans must have water. We are juicy critters, about 65% water and water is necessary to filter bad stuff from our bodies or we get real sick, real fast.

Detroit is cutting off the water supply to a sizable part of the city. This is democide-the killing of citizens-only in a sneaky way. “Lack of water” has seldom, if ever appeared on a death certificate. My contention is that at the very least, a government must keep it’s citizens alive. Isn’t that the justification for the trillions spent on the war on terror? To “protect American lives?” Take a few million of that and get water to the citizens of Detroit, then.

Some stupid, heartless Poor-Hater said they can buy water with their food stamps. 1) Not everyone has food stamps. 2) If they do, they need food 3) How many times a day does Poor-Hater wash his hands? Flush his toilet? How long do you think a person can stay healthy if they can’t do those things?

May the Poor-Haters become poor and learn compassion.

Water is so vital that one of the few successful peasant revolts ever was over water. In Cochabamba, Bolivia in 2000 thousands of poor Bolivians protested against the American corporation Bechtel, which had bought the water rights to the slums. Bechtel not only raised the price, they forbid the peasants collecting rain water in barrels, on the assumption, I guess, that Bechtel owns even the rain. Bechtel was forced out.

I don’t know why great masses of men have to mobilize to simply stop corporations from killing them. After all, didn’t Mitt Romney say “Corporations are people, too”? If so, they are part of that small percentage of people known as sociopaths; people who have no conscience, no empathy, and who only get a thrill when they dominate others.

If nothing else avails Detroit, then pull a Cochabama, because you have a right-at the bare minimum!-to stay alive.


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