Skin Color, Religion and Sexual Orientation-Oh My!

Doing the right thing
Doing the right thing

My daughter Mica is a manager at a local nationwide retailer. They have told her she is an excellent worker. Tomorrow they may tell her something very different.

Another young woman quit today and left the store in tears. Mica followed her out to the parking lot. This young woman has been harassed by other managers for her skin color, questioned about her religious beliefs and openly disrespected for her sexual orientation.

The young woman was previously homeless and desperately needed a job. She was trying to do her job. She is, Mica says, a very nice person. My daughter called some folks and got her another job, wrote up an incident report and took it to the big manager.

She had dates, times and incidents, signed by witnesses. The big manager would not sign it, so she called a witness into the office to prove she gave the report to the big manager. Then she sent copies to Human Resources at the main office.

“This is a moral issue,” Mica said. “When you treat people right, they will work better. This was just wrong and I had to do something.”

That’s my girl. Tomorrow she may be my unemployed girl. But I am proud of her.

What if we all stood up for what is right? It boggles the mind.

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