God I love science: Two inventions that could change the world

It's aliens! It's HAARP! No, it's the Tesla Towers
It’s aliens! It’s HAARP! No, it’s the Tesla Towers

The Russians are working on the Tesla Tower and they say it could satisfy the world’s energy needs. Think about that, no more oil wars.

Obviously, this would be a major disruption in the status quo and a major problem for Russia’s use of its vast natural gas reserves as a geopolitical bargaining tool. It would be as big a revolution as that time 10,000 years ago, when our ancestors settled down and started farming.

But think of all the people who would be put out of work. Then again I think of a big old building downtown. Painted on the side, high up and almost faded away now it says, “Quality Harness Makers.” It was once a harness factory, but then Henry Ford came along and put them out of business.


Nano Chip Desalinator
Nano Chip Desalinator

The other awesome invention is the nano water chip, which is a tiny metal thing that desalinates water affordably. Think about that! All the deserts could bloom. Saudi Arabia would go out of the oil business and start growing tomatoes. Mostly, the parts of the world where clean water is desperately scarce could have all they need. I like that.

Someone, I imagine, will try to put a meter on the Tesla Tower and monopolize the nano water chip market. But just having enough affordable, renewable energy and water for everyone…I can dream, can’t I?



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