In the Garden: Song of the Mocking Bird

Mockingbird morning  pastel by Je'
Mockingbird morning
pastel by Je’

This morning’s Wonderful Thing I found in the garden was not precisely IN the garden, but I thought since his song filled the garden, he would still qualify.

Mocking birds get up at dawn and sing all day. They don’t exactly have a song of their own, they imitate every song they’ve ever heard and just sing them one after another. I once searched for a lost baby kitten for twenty minutes before I realized it was a mockingbird mewing; he had heard that sound and added it to his repertoire.

As a morning person, I love mockingbirds.

My daughter, who is not a morning person, has been heard to say, “Don’t those birds ever SHUT UP?” “What?” I answer, “Listen to him. The mocking bird sings beautifully.”

“That’s not singing, that’s mocking-and he’s mocking ME because I worked late last night, ” says daughter, pulling the pillow over her head.

Cranky old materialists say he is spouting threats to keep other birds away. That’s one way to look at it. I say he is announcing, “I am here. I am alive. I have a family and I will protect them.”


Mocking bird singing

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