A banker, a mechanic and a homeless man sit down for breakfast

Greedy pigs
Greedy pigs

A banker, a mechanic and a homeless man sit down for breakfast in a crowded diner. The banker is on his way to a meeting and seldom eats in diners. The mechanic eats there every day and the homeless man raked someone’s leaves and got enough money for a meal.

They order ten pancakes and three plates. The banker takes nine pancakes, turns to the mechanic and says with alarm, “Look out for the homeless guy! He’s after your pancake!”

This is the absurd claim of the one percent, who spend a great deal of time and money trying to convince the middle class that they have less money because poor people are taking it all. Since they repeat this lie a hundred times a day, this absurd claim seems to be taking hold, despite the glaringly obvious fact that if the poor people were taking all the money, they would no longer BE poor.

Well, gee, who IS taking all the money? How about those few people who HAVE all the money? The banker feels he is entitled to nine pancakes. The fact that only one pancake is left for two people is of no concern to him. But he denies that he is a greedy pig, no, it is something else, something mysterious and inevitable. It’s the Invisible Hand of free market capitalism.

The Invisible Hand of free market capitalism is a false god and false gods require human sacrifice. To speak against this false god is heresy, it’s un-American. Many Christians are deceived by this false God, as Jesus warned, “Many false prophets will come, and will fool a lot of people. Evil will spread and cause many people to stop loving others. (Matthew 24:11,12)

Thus we find the totally bizarre phenomenon, recognized even by unbelievers, of “Christians” who hate poor people!

Economic conditions are what they are, not due to mysterious forces, but due to flesh and blood men writing and passing laws which privilege the already-privileged. Economic conditions can be changed by flesh and blood men writing and passing laws that are more just. No mystery involved.

This is the plain truth that the banker wants to keep you from perceiving, lest you take action and make him share the pancakes.





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