What Can One Person Do?

How is your day going? Good, I hope.

I have this theory that if every day we do one little good thing, several billion good things will be done daily and that will actually change the world.

The sky is falling, etc
The sky is falling, etc

This was a lot easier for me when I ran charities. The opportunities for doing a good thing were vast. But now I stay home alone in my little cabin on the edge of a swamp, so what good can I do? I write and paint, but I’m not satisfied unless someone can enjoy them.

Today I got a message from a mom whose little girl is obsessed with my book, “Oh, No! Not the Toe.” It’s a silly book about a deep subject (moral panics) but to a three year-old, I’m sure it’s just funny. Here’s what mom said:

“I just wanted you to know that Fern became obsessed with “Oh, no! Not the Toe” last week. She wants to read it every night.”

This makes me happy. My son, now grown, wants me to make a book out of a story I made up for him when he was little, called “The Train Who Flew.” I told him I forgot the story-and thirty years later…he told it to me!

Little things we do…they seem to have more impact than we may have thought.

Below is a short video that made me laugh. It’s a little good thing I’m sharing, because laughter is good for your health. 🙂


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