There Must be Something More

Hillside, Starry Night
Hillside, Starry Night

In that twilight portal,

as you pass from dream-world to day-world

on a beach at sunrise, stiff breeze, wild-flying hair

or still hill at midnight, stars ablaze in the dome of the sky

Millions upon millions, away and away…


They are so far away…what you see is their past, they say.

Maybe they are not there right now!

Maybe they winked out

long before their image reached you.


You gaze, but you cannot see their present.

Can they see yours?


And then you think

“There is something more

There is something much more

There is something much more

than my five senses can detect

or my billions of neurons could sort out.”


It is out there, just beyond reach

and as close as the breath in my lungs.”

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