Neocons: Leon Trotsky’s Ideological Offspring

Trotsky and the Neocons
Trotsky and the Neocons

How could the Cold Warrior Neocons have germinated from the brain-seed of Leon Trotsky? What monstrous union could have produced these rabidly anti-communist Trotskyites?

Like the Greek goddess Athena, who sprang fully-formed and fully-armed from the aching head of her lecherous father Zeus, Neocon ideology sprang fully-formed from the brain of Leon Trotsky (and fully-armed by the USA military machine.)

But wait-aren’t Neocons on the far right and Trotsky on the far left? Study history long enough and you will see that the extremes on the left and the right have more in common with each other than with the great mass of mankind in the middle.

There’s even a name for this: the Horse Shoe Theory. Rather than picturing left and right as lying at opposite ends of a straight line, imagine that line bent around into a horse shoe-shape. Now the “opposite” ends are within spitting, (and kissing) distance of one another.

From Foreign Affairs:

“Many of the founders of neoconservatism…were either members or close to the Trotskyist left in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Younger neoconservatives…came through the Socialist Party at a time when former Trotskyist Max Schacthman was still a commanding figure.”

So why Trotsky? Why him instead of Lenin, or Stalin? Aren’t they all the same? No, the communists fought fiercely with each other long before they fought with anyone else. Lenin, for example, gave in to a bit of capitalism for awhile to jump-start the backward Russian economy. Stalin and Trotsky hated each other, as evidenced by the fact that Stalin eventually sent an assassin to put an ice pick through Trotsky’s head. You see, Trotsky insisted on permanent, world-wide revolution. Stalin said, “No, we’re going to take care of Russia first.” This was heresy to Trotsky.

For Trotsky the revolution was permanent, led by an elite and the ultimate goal was world domination. The old, “I’m going to kill quite a few of you to set you free—to be just like me,” school of thought. Does this sound like the Neocon’s Project for a New American Century? Does this sound like the Neocon’s goal of Full Spectrum Dominance?

We may line up like obedient soldiers for or against capitalism, but in the end our biggest fear is not who “owns the means of production,” the supposed capitalist-communist conflict. Our biggest fear is an elite group in total control that places no value on human life. Those elite groups rise up among all peoples, regardless of nationality, religion, left-ness, right-ness or color.

The enemy of peace, the great destroyer, the enemy of life itself is the:

1). elite group

2). in total control

3). that places no value on human life.

Watch out for them, and don’t get so busy looking over your left shoulder that you miss them coming from the right.


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  1. The Project for the American Century was roundly condemned. But when it came to its execution, i.e. the events in Ukraine, everybody was suddenly on board.

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