Mexico’s Women Warriors


Mexican women vigilantes
Mexican women vigilantes

Women fought in the Mexican Revolution, many to avenge family members. They joined the Zapatistas and some rose to become commanders.

Mexican women are taking up arms again, this time against the drug cartels, and are forming vigilante groups. According to The Daily Beast:

“…the first all-female armed Citizen group was formed in Xaltianguis. The force is made up of mostly middle-aged housewives, mothers and grandmothers. Many of these women have lost loved ones to violence…”

If you are thinking that a bunch of middle aged mothers and grandmothers are not much of a threat to drug lords that is only because you don’t know any Hispanic mothers and grandmothers. I do and I think the drug lords are quaking in their boots. You killed their children and grandchildren? You are dead meat, amigos.

I was a little shocked when I heard a story from a loving Hispanic grandmother I know. She had been trapped in Watts during the riots there in 1965 and fearing for the safety of her small children, she packed them into her van and headed out of the neighborhood. When a group of men stopped her and tried to open the van door, she shot them.

“You shot them?”


“Did you kill them?”

“I didn’t stick around to find out.”

“You just drove out of town?”

“I just drove out of town. Fast.”

As a Christian this story made me wonder. O.K. I don’t believe in violence, but what would I do with a van load of babies attacked by men? God help, me. I’d shoot them, too. Maybe I’d aim for their legs?

Through many dangers, toils and snares she has managed to raise her six children and now has five grandchildren and counting. She is a most kind and generous person, full of humor and a wonderful cook.

But it would be extremely foolish to hurt any of her family. Extremely foolish.


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