Fun Requires No Explanation

Rolling in the snow
Rolling in the snow

I watched the short video clip below and admit I laughed out loud. Why is the young elk playing in the mud puddle? I bet some evolutionary-whatever could concoct a reason that fits the evolutionary paradigm, but I hope we would all tell him to just shut up, because we know why the young elk is splashing in the puddle-because it is fun.

It is the same reason we splashed in puddles; it was fun. Fun requires no explanation. My friend and I used to ride our horses to a stream and when they were in up to their bellies, they started pawing and ducking their heads under and bouncing around-because it was fun.

I remember riding once across a vast snowy field and my horse kept trying to sniff the ground. I saw no harm in letting him stop to do so. Suddenly he lay down and I found myself standing on the ground, holding the reins while he rolled and rolled in the snow-because it was fun.

Do something fun today. You don’t have to explain it to anyone.


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