What’s Really Going On: Ukrainian Fascists are the Real Thing

Svaboda party torchlight parade
Svaboda party torchlight parade

To the poor misgoverned people of the Ukraine, I’m sure this circus is not the least bit funny. The western-instigated Orange Revolution (late 2004-2005) gave the people hope that their kleptocratic leaders could be ousted and peace and prosperity would descend. This is the eternal hope of naïve revolutionaries-remove the bad guys and good guys will automatically fill the vacuum. History is filled with tragic examples of this not working; the Orange Revolution, basically a kleptocrat swap, is just a recent one.

Some context: When Hitler rolled into Russia in WWII, fairly large groups in the Ukraine collaborated with him, killing Russians, Poles and especially Jews. These are the fathers of the current Ukrainian fascists, the Svaboda party being euphemistically called “ultra nationalists’ in the western press. Fascists are at minimum ultra-nationalists; this label is a good partial descriptor for Mussolini, Hitler and Tojo. They all had a “blood and soil” racial superiority agenda, and especially in the case of Germany and Japan, this Idea had a corollary: other races were subhuman and fit only, at best, to serve the master race or at worst, to be slaughtered off.

What do you think happened to the fascists at the end of WWII? Do you think they were all jailed? Do you think they saw the errors of their ways and repented? No, they just went on with their lives and many retained their Idea. The Ukrainian “ultra-nationalists” are just Fascism Act II.

In all the deliberate obfuscation from the western media, you may have missed the story of the fascist leader Muzychko’s assassination. He played a big role in the “revolution” but having served his part (the violent, murderous part) he was eliminated because he was such an embarrassment. Hitler had also authorized the slaughter of his loyal brown shirts when he wanted to look more moderate (the Night of the Long Knives.) Thugs take note: You are quite disposable.

Muzychko held the new parliament at gunpoint on February 25 and vowed to fight “communists, Jews and Russians as long as blood flows in my veins.” Well, blood flowed in his veins until March 24, 2014, when he was shot dead in a police raid, which the western press tried, ludicrously, to blame on Putin!

So, what? Every country has its handful of crazies. But this is not just a hand full. From Foreign Policy:

“Today, Svoboda holds a larger chunk of its nations ministries…than any other far-right party on the continent…One of its freshman members of parliament is the founder of the Joseph Goebbels Political Research Centre and has hailed the Holocaust as a “bright period” in human history.”

Now imagine yourself as a Russian in the Ukraine when these Russian-hating people seize power and their very first act is to revoke Russian as an official language. Who you are you going to call for help?

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