I’m going to stop procrastinating tomorrow

The Hammock
The Hammock

Maybe you can advise me.

How do you do your best work? When someone gives you a to-do list? Do you make your own lists? Do you work best with a lot of supervision, clear-cut benchmarks and deadlines? Or do you work best when given a goal and set free to get there by whatever means you can devise?

For the last week I have woken up with my inner workaholic rebuking me for not doing a bunch of repetitive, boring tasks that nevertheless need doing. When I was a manager, I hired and very much valued a person who enjoyed repetitive, boring tasks. I was always amazed that such persons existed and promptly delegated those tasks to them. That way we were both happy.

But now I have to do them myself and so I procrastinate. The longer I procrastinate, of course, the more of these pesky tasks pile up. Now they are quite a Task Mountain, which I do not want to climb. Can I tunnel under? Can I go around? How bad would things get if I just forget about them? This is my work style: find a creative solution, crank possibilities out of the old option generator-there must be a way!

You are probably a sensible person and know that the way is to just grit my teeth and do the tasks. Ugh. What I think need is a creative solution: what reward will I give myself for this misery? What I probably need is to get off my arse and get ‘er done.

If you have any suggestions, please share. : )



  1. I like writing lists–but I’m not so great at doing the boring or painful parts of them. Occasionally I tackle a yucky task first thing in the morning so I get that wonderful feeling of relief at the start of the day. This motivates me to tackle or or two more later after I reward myself with something fun like writing lists.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

    1. Thanks for the tip, Wendy. I did end up writing a list, completed one task (uploading the book Lord of the Beasts to this blog) and felt less like a bum, which inspired me to do another. But two of those is enough for one day. I am a recovering workaholic, after all.

      Think I’ll try your first thing in the morning trick.

      Have a lovely day, Je’

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