U.S. Fascism and that S.O.B* MacArthur


I always thought that if a general disobeyed the commander-in chief, he would be fired, not promoted.

So when I found out that General MacArthur disobeyed direct orders from President Hoover and used violence against the Bonus Army, I looked into his life more deeply. The Bonus Army was a march on Washington by 43,000 WWI veterans and their supporters in 1932. They sought the bonus they were promised earlier than the due date, because of dire economic conditions resulting from the Great Depression.

McCarthur ‘s actions resulted in “hundreds injured, two men shot dead and two babies who died from tear gas asphyxiation.” Their shanty town was burned down.

President Hoover took the blame, on the theory, I guess, that the buck stops here. Still, what was MacArthur thinking? His arrogant stance with hands on hips while all this mayhem was going on was exactly like Benito Mussolini’s.


Bonus Army
Bonus Army


FDR, then a presidential candidate, called MacArthur one “of the most dangerous men in America,” the perfect white horse dictator in the event of a military coup. In 1933 Wall Street financiers did plan a fascist coup, calling upon General Smedley Butler to ride the white horse and lead the veterans. Butler was well-liked by the veterans, while MacArthur was despised. Butler testified against the plotters in the McCormack-Dickstein hearings.

MacArthur ruled Japan after WWII as Supreme Commander and organized a war crimes tribunal. Several leaders were hanged and many imprisoned but in 1948, MacArthur and John Foster Dulles began releasing the war criminals, so they could form the World Anti-Communist League. This group of anti-communists terrorists, aided by the CIA, spread over six continents.

North Korea-pretty much flattened
North Korea-pretty much flattened

In 1950 in Korea, MacArthur’s forces firebombed many cities with napalm and probably used chemical and biological weapons. Three million North Koreans died and this tragedy is still fresh in the minds of the isolated North Koreans. MacArthur wanted to expand the war into China with nuclear weapons, but Truman disagreed. After repeated inflammatory remarks against Truman, MacArthur was fired in 1951.

In spite of his anti-democratic and authoritarian ways, he was cheered as a hero when he returned to the U.S.A. After making his famous statement, “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away,” he faded into the chairmanship of the Remington Rand Company, which evolved into Unisys, a top war contractor.

Fascism has always been a more potent threat to American democracy than communism. It has always been supported by rich, powerful interests and in true fascist style, favored aggressive, militarist expansion. We have been so busy looking for danger from the left, we have been blind to the danger from the right.

If a war hero rode into Washington to oust the government today, how many Americans, unaware of the history of Mussolini, Hitler and Tojo, would “support the troops?”

(*Eisenhower is the one who called MacArthur an S.O.B.)


  1. What about the current crew of fascists skulking about this land of ours. Dick Cheney for instance!!!!! Was that 5 or 6 draft deferments? Howsabout McCain. Admiral father, one of the Annapolis besotted sonny boys.Did not matter- – last in his class but first in ravaged planes : courtery US taxpayers

    1. Thanks for the comment. Ouch-you hit my sore spot=Dick Cheney. As a christian, I’m not supposed to hate anyone, but every time I see his picture or hear him speak, I have an urge to choke him. These deranged chickenhawk warmongers NeoCons and their Full Spectrum Dominance will be the ruin of the American Empire. I just hope the American Republic is not also ruined in the process.


  2. Hi Je
    Thank you for your article. Though I’m afraid its so much worse now. Possibly, even to late to reverse itself. Although At 62,I will continue to debate my(yours) beliefs until I can speak no more. In “a nutshell” , all the wars/turmoil we are currently seeing is a direct result of INVESTMENT BANKING…..so said President Andrew Jackson “You Vipors of Europe are going to ruin our young country “……..120 years later JFK said the same.

    To the point……The CIA controls the Presidency………Massad controls the CIA….very easily, they have a dossier
    on anyone that matters… total control……George Kennan (“father of Containment”), days before his death in 2005, at the age of 101, said: ” My biggest regret was supporting the creation of the CIA ” John Foster Dulles (Allens BIG brother) was his staunch nemesis.

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