I Love People-They’re so INTERESTING

eaglepartyOur tribe makes a big deal out of birthdays and yesterday was Alina’s six year old birthday party. For some reason, she likes eagles, so I made her a five foot eagle out of foam core board that almost didn’t fit in the car.

“Just hold it out the window,” my daughter suggested. “How long do you think I can hold this five-foot wingspan eagle out the window as you zip down the highway?” (My guess would be about two minutes-tops)

“Why does she like eagles?” guests asked. “No reason is required,” I assured them. “She’s a kid.”

I really love kids-the mask we adults wear is still under construction on kids. It’s pretty much raw human nature and I find kids to be bratty, funny, beautiful, lovable and profound. I think God feels the same about us.

An amazing thing happened at the party. A beautiful little girl, who never relates to grownups she does not know, walked up to me and handed me her rubber duck. Her mother was blown away. “She NEVER does that,” her mom said. “In all her life she has never done that.” I had the impression this was a concern to her mom, that perhaps she thought there was something wrong with her child.

She trusted me with her rubber duck
She trusted me with her rubber duck

“She never relates to people, only to cartoons,” mom said. “Oh, that explains it” I answered. “I sort of AM a cartoon.” I explained to mom that I spend many hours a week making books for children with archetypal cartoon animals. Of course, the books are about about deep subjects, like confirmation bias and epistemology, but skipping the jargon, they are cute stories with slightly snarky characters.

I am honored that the little girl saw me as a cartoon, i.e. as a safe and funny sort of being. I told mom I would like to send my books to her, for free, as PDFs. (I know they don’t have a lot of money.)

If you have little kids and not a lot of money (the two often go together) I will send them to you, too. Just email me at the address below. If you do have a lot of money, buy them at Amazon.

I am a horrible salesman, so I asked the advice of 11 year-old, Cole, the model for Lord of the Beasts. He told me to make comic books. I think I’ll take his advice since I believe he is a very good business man. I believe that because he said, as a girl, I could visit his treehouse if I paid him a dollar.

God, I love kids.



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