The Real Political Divide


As a generalist, a holistic thinker, or alternatively as a scatterbrain, I consume and digest vast quantities of information and am not satisfied until I see the Big Picture. As you can imagine, I am not satisfied in relation to many issues.

But perhaps there is no pattern? Perhaps the world works on random madness? My theory is that the world works in somewhat predictable fractal patterns, punctuated by rare events that appear random, only because we can’t step far enough back to see the big picture.

Here is a pattern I definitely see: the political divide of left/right, liberal/conservative, capitalist/communist is inadequate, if not downright misleading. In fact, it is not an either/or choice at all-ideas always exist along a continuum. But if you must think in two opposed groups, the Pyramids vs the Wheels is closer to the truth.

The real political divide (politics just means how power is shared) is this:

PYRAMIDS=stability WHEELS=progress
Order Flexibility
Hierarchy Egalitarian
Authoritarian Dictat Consensus
Hard and Fast Rules Principles
Change=bad Change=good
Result if not adhered to: chaos, degeneration, wickedness. The Wheels will destroy us. We should get them first. Results if not adhered to: The Pyramids will oppress us. We should reason with them, and reach consensus.

Both the Nazis and the Bolsheviks, when they came to power, were Pyramids. This was the Nazi position from the get-go; the communists had talked about a dictatorship of the proletariat (regular working slobs) but in the end they set up a dictatorship of…the dictators, just like their arch-enemies, the Nazis.

The real power-sharing (political) question is: Pyramid or Wheel?

Who rules? The king? The fuehrer? The wealthy? The people? And pay no attention to those who give lip service to “the people” they all do that. Who REALLY rules?


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