So I entered the art competition again this year…

"Heat Lightening over Sarasota Bay
“Heat Lightening over Sarasota Bay

Even though the entry fee is high and then I have to spring for frames, I entered the art competition again. Why? Well, there are $500 prizes and maybe I can sell the art, though the gallery takes a high commission.

Then there’s the catered reception, where the local movers and shakers eat fancy food and drink free wine. But last year it was so crowded, I couldn’t even see the art and so noisy I couldn’t converse without shouting. I’m giving my tickets to someone else this year.

So why take the risk and enter? Because while it is a risk, and a lot of work-if I do nothing I am absolutely guaranteed not to win a prize or sell anything. So we press on. This applies to many, many endeavors; perhaps some endeavor you are considering.

So take a shot at it, I say.  It is not certain that you will succeed.

But it is certain you won’t if you don’t try.

Remembering Mary Turner-painting by Je' Czaja
Remembering Mary Turner-painting by Je’ Czaja


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