Two cups of coffee and a deep philosophical discussion-part 1







You know, I think evil doesn’t exist as a thing by itself, I think it is a good, twisted.

Oh no, are we going to talk philosophy?

Yes, it’s the price you pay for a cup of coffee.

O.K. go for it.

So I suggest that evil doesn’t exist as a thing by itself, it is a good, twisted.

Baloney, some people are just evil.


Ted Bundy, Hitler, Stalin, Dick Cheney-evil, evil, evil.

They have done evil deeds.

Heck, yeah.

Let’s take Ted Bundy. What were his evil deeds?

He raped and mutilated and murdered young women. Evil.

Surely those deeds are evil. Did Ted Bundy want evil?


Did he sit and think, “I want to do evil?”

Well, no. He thought, “I want to…overpower a young woman and do whatever I want to her.”

What would happen to Ted Bundy if he did not do those things?

I don’t know.

He actually tells what happened.[1] He would feel more and more tension until he couldn’t stand it, then he would go and kill a woman, then he felt all right for awhile. Then the tension would build again, with shorter time spans between each event.


What did he want?

Um…To relieve tension?

Relieving tension is not evil.

Are you saying Ted Bundy was not evil?

I’m saying he wanted to relieve tension, a good, but he twisted it.

What about Hitler?

Hitler wanted to rebuild Germany into a pure, healthy, powerful nation.

But look what he did!

Right. A good twisted. And since he had more power, the twisting had worse effects.

I don’t know.

Think about it. Ever do an evil thing?

Have you?

Yes. You?

Well. Maybe.

Did you want to do evil?

No. I wanted something else. But how do you stop evil, then?

Insist that it is evil to use people, as a means to your ends, by either force or manipulation.

Just that?

That’s a lot. Ted Bundy used people as a means to his ends.

What’s the good, twisted?

It is good to relate to people; can’t be avoided really. But in relating, it is evil to use people as a means to your ends. Every time, no exceptions.


Think about it.

You have any Advil?

Sure, but if I give you some, we will have to discuss the nature of time.

Never mind.

Just kidding. 🙂

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