Sex-always a popular subject

Sorry, the most titillating word in this post is probably going to be “titillating.”

So what’s with these Germans? Freud, who lived in Germany during the rise of the Third Reich, looked around and concluded that mankind’s biggest problem was a repressed desire to have sex with their parents. I think he’s kinky as a cheap garden hose. Of course, since I just referred to a garden hose, he would say I really meant “penis.”

Now I’m reading another German, from the same time frame, who says fascism is actually a result of the inability to have an orgasm, which makes you so crazy you want to goose step in jackboots. The Germans couldn’t have orgasms? How, then, did they expect to crank out litters of Ubermensch?

But it’s not just Germans, it seems to be a lot of shrinks. I remember one who said we are really, really tormented by the fact that we have physical bodies with alimentary canals. This makes us crazy, too, and can lead to genocides.

Painting "The Calf"
Painting “The Calf”

If all this dysfunction leads to neurosis and fascism and genocide, I have a cure. All kids should be raised on a farm like I was. They should go barefoot through manure, pee in the woods and observe, as a perfectly normal and natural part of life, animals mating, animals birthing and animals being butchered.

This way they won’t think sex is dirty, because all of life is kind of dirty and dirt is O.K. They also will have some respect for life if they watch a butchering, which is a sobering experience. They will see that all that shenanigans between the bull and the cow leads in a perfectly healthy manner to a new baby calf, which is wonderful thing.

Maybe mankind started having all these dysfunctions when they lost touch with nature. Get those kids out in the country, quick, before they descend into madness.

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