What is the Most Effective Program? Love

These are a few pics my daughter posted on Facebook today. For thirteen years she has been helping disadvantaged kids and doing a much better job than I did back in my day. I remember a non-profit director from Boston who said, “They ask me what is the most effective program. I tell them programs aren’t effective, people are effective. The “most effective program” is the one that provides the most opportunity for you to show a kid you care about them.”

I wanted to jump up in that auditorium and shout, “Amen.”

So can my daughter taking a bunch of girls to the church kitchen and teaching them how to make strawberry jam do any good? Should we start a national jam-making initiative? Or should we admit that love, which cannot be measured scientifically and written up in a report, is the ONLY THING that really works?

*** Link to Mary’s non-profit .


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