You Will Be Like God

Fire and Brimstone
Fire and Brimstone

Any sentence that starts out “According to quantum physics,” will be followed by information that makes most of us reach for an Advil. They have spent billions looking for something called the Higgs Boson, a thing so amazing they call it the god particle. So far it has proved elusive and they may soon start calling it the sneaky little devil particle.

They seek the god particle so that they can formulate a Theory of Everything. This is just humans being human and echoes what the serpent told Eve in the Garden, which is basically that if you know enough, you will be like God. The fruit of sorcery, alchemy and the gnostic sects shows, if we need to be shown, that (surprise!) the serpent lied to Eve.

Not that it is bad to want to know things. But this admirable human trait is derailed from the path of healthy curiosity when the goal is to become God, not in the loving, gracious aspects of God, but in the controlling-the-universe, hurling-thunderbolts-at-sinners aspect.

Hurling thunderbolts at sinners is the primitive spiritual impulse behind nuclear weapons. Think of it, take an atom and split it and rain down fire and brimstone on your enemies, who by definition are always sinners. Observing the test of the first nuclear bomb, Robert Oppenheimer, Director of the Manhattan Project, quoted a religious text, the Bhagavad Gita, “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Many in the west have spent the past few hundred years echoing the serpent. Knowledge is power, science will save us, matter is all that matters. Humans are just collections of molecules that do not think, choose or love. This is a barren and limiting worldview and it has to go.

Those mischievous quantum physicists have now come along and said, “There are at least ten dimensions and we can prove it mathematically.” Well, they are scientists and look, they are using math. We, of course, think in terms of three dimensions, length, width and height. Some argue that we can throw ‘time’ in there, but that starts to get a little hinky.

Well, gee, what are dimensions 5-10 like? Could beings of some kind exist in those dimensions? Could we slip out of our three and visit theirs? Could beings slip from theirs into ours? That is exactly what mystics have been saying happens for millennia, and when science meets mysticism it is time to admit that we don’t know everything and never will. That while we will learn many things in our three-D world and that is good, our knowing has limits and we are not God.

It is time to free ourselves from illusions of divinity through brain power. We are chips off the old block, we are not the block. It is time to “be like God”-not in hurling thunderbolts, which is a power we have mishandled badly, but in loving one another, a power we have largely devalued.

Let’s start right now. Today let’s tell the people whom we love that we love them. Imagine everyone on earth telling the people that they love, “I love you.” Imagine smiles spreading all over the globe, just from speaking three true words.

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