A rant about conservative hypocrisy

doeand buck I joke around about being poor, I say poverty is relative. My friends and family say I am alarmingly poor, so perhaps that’s (relatively) true.

Do I write about social justice because I envy the rich? NO. I not only wrote about social justice, but worked on the front lines for social justice for twenty years and I was (relatively) well-off then. I would still be working on the front lines if my career (and the careers of many millions of others) was not interrupted by that little blip called the crash of 2008.

A certain woman ordered a painting from me, pictured here. I made the painting, paid for the print, picked it up and rushed it to her in time for her anniversary. It was a gift for her husband. This was two months ago and she hasn’t paid me. I have asked her nicely to pay me three times.

This is somewhat frustrating, but not frustrating enough to make me rant. What is frustrating enough to make me rant is her facebook post this morning with a picture from FedUp Conservatives.com or some such. It shows two refrigerators, one brimming full from welfare and one almost bare: the fridge of the hardworking taxpayer.

I’m sure before too many hours have passed I will be able to act more like a Christian. But right now, my verbal skills seem to be preoccupied with suggesting long,colorful strings of profanity, which thank God, I am not sending her in a private message.

This, too, shall pass.

Note: A conservative suggested that my getting stiffed was karma because I was an evil social worker. I worked getting people jobs and teaching work ethics. I admit I fed children every time I met hungry ones. Perhaps that was my sin?


  1. Well, as you spent your career trying to take from the productive and give to the less so or not so at all, I’d say that true “social justice” has been applied to you by the Gods or Fate or just the machinery of society.

    1. I got people jobs and taught work ethics in my social work. On this occasion, I was simply ripped off by someone who accuses others of ripping people off. Definition of hypocrisy.

      1. I’ll grant you that the woman is vile. As an independent contractor I’ve found that collections is the hardest part of it.

      2. I’m a Christian and working on not resenting her. Yes, being in business has its challenges. Good luck!

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