Be Like a Zebra: Take No Crap

zebraxZebras take no crap. I love this photo of a zebra because it captures her attitude so perfectly. I think I’ll turn it into a Tshirt.

I like to watch nature documentaries but hate the parts where some creature is tearing some other creature apart. I remember one about herds crossing a certain river and big nasty crocodiles were grabbing baby wildebeests and other cute warm-blooded critters. I am not a fan of large, carnivorous reptiles, some of which live in the swamp behind my house.

Here comes a herd of zebras. Oh no, here comes the freaking 14 foot crocodile! The crocodile grabs the zebra, but what’s this? The zebra is kicking the snot out of the crocodile. Now she has gotten away and oh no, an opportunistic lion is waiting on the opposite shore. The lion jumps on the zebra, but what’s this? The zebra is kicking the snot out of the lion, too! The lion limps away and the zebra trots off after her buddies.

The narrator says the body of the crocodile floated away downstream and the lion died later from a broken jaw.

Long ago, humans domesticated horses and borrowed their horsepower, the power of ten men. Zebras may have the power of twenty men, but who is going to domesticate them? Nobody, because zebras take no crap.

Zebras are my heroes. Zebras are not very big and they don’t have big teeth or claws.

She didn’t attack the crocodile or lion, but she sure as heck defended her self.  You go, girl.

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