Beware the Robber Baron “Philanthropists”


Silly me. When I set up a couple of charitable organizations, I adhered carefully to IRS regulations. I filled out the 20-plus pages of the application meticulously and paid heed to the warning about not engaging in political activities. You see, non-profits are tax exempt because non-profits are supposed to serve the public good, not the political agenda of the founders. That would be fraud.

I’m sick of hearing the Rockefeller dynasty, among others, referred to as “philanthropists” because they set up foundations. They set up foundations to avoid taxes on their fortunes and further their own interests. Pretty clever, aye? And illegal.

The two big taboos for tax exempt organizations are: no foundation money is supposed to “inure” to any private shareholder or individual and it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities nor participate in campaign activities. If a charity does either of those things, it loses its tax exempt status. In theory. In the case of the Rockefeller Foundation, some Rockefeller heir has been on the foundation throne since it was set up in 1913.

David Rockefeller founded the Council on Foreign Relations, among other one-world government organizations, which claims to innocently provide resources to policymakers. If you believe that I have some oceanfront property to sell you in Idaho. But then, is a relentless push toward a one-world government a political activity? Do they seek to influence legislation? Does a bear poop in the woods?

Even more outrageous frauds take place with certain so-called think tanks that pump out political propaganda like pollution out of a Chinese smokestack. Gee, would these foundations work to shrink the government? Would they work particularly to shrink the IRS, which, if it had the staff and the cojones, would investigate and prosecute these frauds?

So in spite of being a financial predator, in spite of making his fortune not by “free trade” but by forming secret cabals, Rockefeller is hailed as a model capitalist! And then when he stuffed his money into foundations to dodge taxes and keep the dream alive (a few elite secretly ruling the world) he is hailed as a philanthropist. You can find Youtube videos claiming that the Robber Barons were actually good guys because they gave so much to charity. Check the source of these videos and you will find they come from-guess where?-the very foundations the Robber Barons set up.


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