A 9/11 Skeptic Comes Around


A few years ago after watching 9/11 an Inside Job I read something in the comments that haunted me: “It is unthinkable that the government was complicit in 911. If I believed that, I would have to move out of the United States.” Interesting word, “unthinkable;” a thing about which I am unable to think.

I understood what she meant, though I am a big fan of thinking. But thinking that a segment of the US leadership would murder 3,000 of its own citizens was pretty darn close to unthinkable for me, too.

So I did NOT think it. In a complex scenario like 9/11, there would always be quirks and weirdness and unsolved riddles, I told myself.

But I couldn’t get away from Building 7. It is highly improbable that the Twin Towers would have fallen as if deliberately demolished because of a fire. No other such buildings have ever fallen like that, though fires raged sometimes for days. Highly improbable, but not impossible. The explanation was that the jet fuel made a really hot fire.  But Building 7 was not hit by a plane and fell in exactly the same way as the first two. That was beyond improbable. The building was deliberately collapsed.

Because Building 7 was deliberately collapsed does not prove that the whole thing was an inside job, anymore than the continuation of the soul after death proves there is a God; though it sure raises more questions, doesn’t it?

It is unthinkable that 9/11 was an inside job to normal people, who are not monsters and who would never  murder innocents. But what if it was done by abnormal people, people who are very good at rationalizing away “collateral damage” as unfortunate consequences on the path to a greater good?

Do such people exist in leadership positions? Yes, yes, they do and they don’t even try to keep it secret. They operate on Jeremy Bentham’s utilitarian philosophy-you add up the pros and cons and go with the mathematical result. Our economic policy is based on this and so is our foreign policy. When Madeline Albright was asked about the half-million Iraqi children who died due to U.S. sanctions, she said it “was worth it.”

If you think false flag attacks that result in deaths of U.S. citizens is beyond them, don’t take my word for it, look up Operation Northwoods.

Our enemies are those I call the No Soul Brothers. Humans have only utilitarian value to them. The No Soul Brothers are never the ones paying the price; their children do not serve in the military, their children won’t die for lack of medicines, they were not at the World Trade Center that morning.

The antidote for this poison is to call them out. Call them out whenever they try to murder for the greater good-by drone, by sanctions, or by their current favorite: humanitarian love- bombs.

Call them out-we are not numbers and neither are the people in Iraq, Syria or the now-silent workers at World Trade Center.


    1. I do believe humans have a soul and in the long run, they don’t get away with it. Even-here and now-we don’t believe their claims anymore. (Syria)

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