Class War: Eugenics Down on the Farm

All horses are not created equal. I learned this growing up on a farm. There are different breeds of horses for different purposes. Most people are familiar with the big, heavy Budweiser Clydesdales and are aware that they differ from the willowy thoroughbreds that run in the Kentucky Derby. A thoroughbred would not do well hooked to a beer wagon nor would a Clydesdale break any race track records. They are bred for a purpose. Not their own purposes, human purposes.

Arabians-beautiful and rerifned
Arabians-beautiful and refined

Then there are the light, refined Arabians, carefully bred pure for thousands of years versus Mongolians ponies, which, while lacking the grace and beauty of the Arabians, supposedly enabled the Mongols to pretty much take over the world, mounted on their homely, hardy little equines.






Mongolian Ponies-homely but hardy
Mongolian Ponies-homely but hardy

Can you see how ‘races’ of livestock, each deliberately bred for a specific purpose, were part of the worldview of English gentlemen, most of whom raised purebred livestock on their own estates? It was obvious, everyone knew that some ‘races’ were superior. Charles Darwin, a product of his times, came along and wrote his famous book, the subtitle to which is “The Origin of Species by means of natural selection-or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life.”

Darwin worshippers say he didn’t mean races of people, but in his book, the Descent of Man, he devotes an entire chapter to the Races of Man.

In Chapter One, Section 5, of Origin of the Species, Darwin quotes an authority on selective breeding: “…it is the magician’s wand, by means of which he may summon into life whatever form and mould he pleases.” Wow-magic wands summoning life forms- Now you’re playing with power.

Magic aside, can you see that it is all quite logical and ‘scientific?’

1. Man is an animal

2. Animals can be perfected by selective breeding

3. Man can be perfected by selective breeding.

But who were the ‘favored race’ among humans? Surprise! The ones formulating the whole theory were the superior race, of course. The Sir Lord Chauncey Twitasses were the obvious epitome of human evolution. Upper class folks were clearly superior or they wouldn’t be upper.

A problem arose: supposedly the fittest survived to out-reproduce the unfit, but the lowers were out-reproducing the uppers by a wide margin. The darn commoners, who were supposed to be an evolutionary dead end, were breeding like rabbits and this would result in the annihilation of the superior germ plasm and the end of humanity, or the fraction of humanity that mattered.

All of these ideas are still alive and well, although since Hitler’s logical and scientific application of the theory, they have gone underground, humming along just below the radar, working now on “overpopulation”-to save Mother Earth from the parasitic inferior humans.

Admittedly, a few inferior humans are needed; for yard work and house cleaning and such; a few workhorses to pull the beer wagon to the Yacht Club. But there are way too many and they keep getting these pesky and dangerous ideas about human equality and democracy and other such destructive heresies.

They have to be controlled, rounded up like mustangs, carefully monitored like wild animal populations lest they destroy humanity; i.e. the descendants of Sir Lord Chauncey Twitass.

Leaving aside metaphysical arguments on the intrinsic value of a human being, their racial hygiene approach does not work for several reasons.

  1. Who gets to decide who is the best stock?

The best stock decides? I think you can see the problem here. By default the most powerful will be the deciders and they will choose themselves as the bearers of superior DNA. (Take note of the physical infirmities and inherited diseases of the inbred nobility if you need to disabuse yourself of the notion that aristocracy has superior DNA)

  1. Who gets to prioritize human “purposes?”

Once again the most powerful will route people into the corrals they wish them to occupy (for the benefit of the powerful.)

The commoners, being a tad on the wild side, will break out of these corrals.

Is this class war? Yes.

It is class war and it’s been going on at least since Plato’s Republic. But take heart, Sir Lord Chauncey is missing one vital piece of information: Human beings are not horses.

Very few animals have been tamable for human purposes. Human beings are more like zebras, which, though they resemble horses, are just too dang feisty to tame.

You want to WHAT? Ride me? Screw that.
You want to WHAT? Ride me? Screw that.

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