What we have here is a failure to communicate

For a whole month I have been battling to use the internet, due to God only knows what connection problems. I say God only knows, because the tech support guy apparently does not. He came once, twice and then I got a new modem. It is now worse than ever and to get this post up will take some pretty fine geeky gymnastics on my part. Trouble is, geek-wise I’m a pretty arthritic gymnast.

They were supposed to come yesterday. I told them not to call (the phone and the internet have a mystical connection I do not understand) but just to get out here and I would be waiting. They called anyway and did not get an answer, so they cancelled the tech support. Now it will be another week.

Alligator at night Can you see his glowing eyes?
Alligator at night
Can you see his glowing eyes?

Since I am trapped in Deepswamp, GA, the internet is my connecting link with the rest of the world. I suddenly felt all alone with the alligators. But being a resourceful homo sapien, just like you, I did not despair, but started work on a new book, The Lord of the Beasts.

It answers the question to Life, the Universe and Everything in under 100 pages with full color illustrations. How could it not sell…50? copies, the royalties from which will finance my switch to a better internet provider.

Who says I don’t have a plan?

Have a lovely day and don’t forget to do at least one silly thing today. 😉

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