I’m fitting the stereotype of the computer-illiterate old person!

Four year-old Game master, Gus
Four year-old Game master, Gus

My son bought me a smart phone for Christmas and I’m having trouble with it. The trouble, I’m sure, is all from my end. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I got in on the home computer thing just as soon as they became available and busted my brain learning the graphics programs, then they ditched those programs and I had to bust my brain learning new ones. How has technology passed me by?

I was telling my grand daughter about my smart phone issues and she gave me a few pointers. She is five years-old. Many conversations lately have started with my 22 year-old daughter like this:

Me: “How do I…? She “You just…”

Yesterday I ordered flipbook software so I can make books available for free to the general public. I thought I had found a real bargain at $49, a big investment for a starving artist. Turns out I have to know html to use the program. I don’t and I refuse to learn, not because I don’t like learning, but because I taught myself Flash recently and my brain cells are fried.

My grandson, Gus, began playing video games as soon as his fingers obeyed his brain with some reliability-long before he could walk. Now he is a four year-old game master. We humans are so incredibly adaptable! That’s how we survived 6,000 years of Ice Age.

I don’t like fulfilling the stereotype of the computer-illiterate old person. But then stereotypes usually have some kernel of truth. 🙂


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