A rose for you. Have a lovely day.

"One Red Rose" painting by Je' Czaja
“One Red Rose”
painting by Je’ Czaja

The little blog gizmo says I have followers. I do not think of you, dear followers, as numbers on my blog gizmo. I wonder about you. Are you well, are you happy, did you remember to do something silly today?

When I flew over Washington DC one night, I looked down at all the teeny car headlights. So many people, going so many places, thinking they are all alone with their current problems. I wished them happiness and loving families and for them to see that we are all connected after all.

I think it would be nice to have you all over to my humble abode at the edge of the deep swamp and show you the bejeweled tree frogs that climb up the windows with their sticky toes. But perhaps you would not think that was fun. Then again, almost everyone likes roses, so here is a rose for you.

Remember to be nice to one another and have a lovely day. 🙂

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