Little Heroes

"The Adventures of Gus and Carlo" painting by Je' Czaja
“The Adventures of Gus and Carlo” painting by Je’ Czaja

When I saw this family snapshot I had to laugh. Who knows what the rest of the family was up to? Gus and Carlo were dreaming of adventures. Carlo was spying for pirates on the horizon and Gus was ready for anything with his trusty plastic sword.

They were both shoe-less, so I asked their moms what their favorite boots looked like for the painting. Carlo’s were particularly hilarious. But it doesn’t matter-they donned their boots, hitched a ride with a dragonfly and set off to do something heroic.

Wanting to do something heroic is natural and good. It can be diverted to doing something violent on false pretenses, but the urge to save the day is noble and something I have always liked about little boys. Big ones, too.

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