Rockefeller DNA and the new eugenics

The genetically superior John D Rockefeller as a young man.
The genetically superior John D Rockefeller as a young man.

The Rockefeller family believes people should be bred like cattle-breeding only the best with the best to improve the stock and culling the rest.

The eugenics movement is an old time evil that took organized form in the late 1800s and culminated in its scientific implementation during the Third Reich. Following that, it went underground and now works through environmental groups. The story is: There are too many people on planet earth and to save her we have to get rid of a whole bunch of them.

They have been preaching this propaganda for so long and backed with so much money, you may think it’s a good idea. Ah, but which ones shall we dispose of? Who culls the herd? How does one determine what good stock is? It was easy at the turn of the century: the good stock were the upper class Anglo-Saxons. After all, if they were not superior specimens, they wouldn’t be “upper.”

The uppers now may be any nationality but worthy DNA is still measured in money. How many people do they want on planet earth? The mysterious and ominous Georgia Guidestones list a population of 500,000,000 as optimal. This means that billions of people must be culled. You can bet they have no plans to cull among their own members.

Those charitable foundations that enable bazillionaires to retain their fortunes and avoid the tax man are not as sweet as you might think. Bill Gates, Ted Turner and David Rockefeller have been very concerned with the “population problem” and address it through their foundations. Not that they limit their own families, of course. Ted Turner has five children and owns over a million acres, so at least the Turner kids won’t be crowded.

Populations actually begin to fall the more advanced societies become. Should societies be advanced to solve the problem, then? No, no, no, not according to modern eugenicists. Whole nations should be encouraged to die out through neglect, oppression and sterilization. More for the top dogs, you see, the good stock.

This is basically “kill the poor” all dressed up for Sunday school in environmental garb. But just how awesome is the Rockefeller DNA? John D. Rockefeller’s father was a well-known con man who deserted his family and married another woman without bothering to divorce John’s mom. He lied, cheated and swindled his way across several states for his entire life.

John D. wasn’t such a peach himself. No free marketer he; he believed competition was pure waste and used every means, often dishonest and always ruthless, to destroy his competitors.

Cartels! That was the ticket and Rockefeller  jumped right into the Seven Sisters oil cartel head first. Rich people don’t all become rich because they are hard-working, honest and All-American good guys. Many become rich because they are ruthless crooks, without any other goal than accumulating more wealth and power. Is that the DNA worth preserving?

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