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Me telling stories at a recent kid's party: "What would you do? Would you kiss the frog?
Me telling stories at a recent kid’s party: “What would you do? Would you kiss the frog?

These bean counters tell me real human beings follow this blog. This both humbles and tickles me. But I want to know who you are! Please tell me about you in the comments?

Here’s a little about me: I live in GA in a tiny house with a tiny garden on the edge of a great big swamp. I am retired. As a recovering workaholic, I was depressed for awhile that nobody needed me to do anything for them.

One morning I woke up thinking, “Nobody needs me to anything for them” and then it hit me! “NOBODY NEEDS ME TO DO ANYTHING FOR THEM!” I can do whatever the heck I want! So I paint and write and study philosophy. And I tell stories to little kids about my childhood growing up wild on a New England farm. They really like the stories, much to my surprise.(The book, The Magic Barn,  is coming out soon)

I think they may like them because I was such a bad kid, they look great by comparison. Or they are getting fresh ideas for mischief: “How long do you leave eggs outside before they’re rotten enough to explode?”

Hey, I’ve got to pass on the heritage. 🙂

And you?


  1. I’m a still semi-newlywed mom of 4 kids from Pittsburgh. After my older kids are grown or almost grown, my new husband and I have found ourselves starting all over again with a surprise mid-life baby in our 40s. He and I are both at home full time, and write when the demands of looking after our little one allows for it. I haven’t managed to actually get any of my novels published yet, but I am hoping to someday. Aurora is a pen name I have written under for quite a long time now, both blogging and for other projects online, mostly because I am a lot more comfortable not signing my real name to a lot of what I write about. My blog is mostly personal in nature, and outside of first names being mentioned, I really like being semi-anonymous for that reason.

    1. Hi Aurora. My youngest daughter was born when I was 41, so I know what you mean. I found it kind of tough keeping up with a teenager in my later years, but she has turned out to be such a blessing to my, and many others’ lives. So hang in there! Let me know if I can be of any help when you’re done with your novel. I’m an artist and barter my art-maybe you’ll need some art work?

      We do better when we help each other. Be encouraged. 🙂

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