The Magic Barn: First Time We Met

magicbarnThe magic barn is gone now, but it loomed on the hill behind the farm house for over 100 years, covered with the snows of 100 winters, rising darkly out of the mists of over 100 foggy autumn mornings. When we moved to the farm I was three years-old and the magic barn was the biggest thing I had ever seen.

As I stood gazing at the magic barn, it stood watching me. “Come and play” it finally said. “Are you safe?” I asked. “No, but I’m magic,” it answered, and so I went inside.

If you ever want to experience magic you will have to take a risk. : )

Note: The painting obviously had to be pulled out of my memory. In the end I knew it was not exactly what it looked like, but it is what it felt like and after all, my artistic license had not yet been revoked.

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