Where Do We Come From? Meet Great Grandma X

Meet Great Grandma X
Meet Great Grandma X

DNA studies show that we all trace back to Africa and the San people trace no further back; they are genetically the root of the human family tree. While it is true that the San people may have changed in appearance over the past 100,000 years or so, the changes have probably been very small.

Look at Great Grandma X-She is pretty, smart and she is smiling. She loves her baby and has made him a necklace. Where do we come from? We come from pretty, smart, smiling, loving, creative  Great Grandma X.

When a Chinese scientist, who set out to prove the Chinese were unique among human beings, found out the Chinese also trace back to Africa, he said, “At first I didn’t like the idea, but then think of it-we are all related.”

How about Great Grandpa X on her back? He will grow up to be clever: making poison arrows from plant juices; tough: tracking game at a run for entire days across the desert; generous: sharing his game with the whole tribe and fair: skilled at resolving inevitable conflicts as they arise.

And think of it-we are all related.

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