By the Pond

By the Pond: Two Shrubs
By the Pond: Two Shrubs

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I was kicked out of the woods where I usually roam and was feeling deprived. I decided simply to go into the woods on the other side of the road. “Ha! I thought,” I have released myself back to the wild.”

My five year-old granddaughter, Alina, tried to solve my problem.

“Did you tell the woman you were just taking pictures?” “No.”

“Did you take HER picture? You should have.”

“Well, that would have been quite a shock to her, I imagine.”

“Take me to the woods and I will explain to her that she should let you walk there.”

Then, somehow, we got on the subject of social justice. I’m not sure how, I was talking about falconry, because she is a big fan of eagles.

“I want people to be nice to each other,” she said. “Me, too,” I answered.

Then she got emotional.

“I want people to have enough food! I want them to stop hurting each other! I will tell them! I don’t care if they get mad!”

🙂 There is hope for the human race. Go, girl-and watch out for the bad guys.

On my walk through the forbidden woods yesterday I saw these two shrubs by the pond. Just normal, everyday sort of shrubs, but because of the way the light was slanting over the treetops, one looked black and one looked white.

The anarchist autumn grass was doing wild things as well, as grass often does when it is not oppressed by lawnmowers.

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