Ted Cruz and Radical Right Cubans

White dove alights on Fidel Castro-you can't make this stuff up.
White dove alights on Fidel Castro-you can’t make this stuff up.

I have had two alarming personal interactions with radical right Cubans. They were alarming because these people claimed they were Christians and their blinding and violent hatred did not line up with ANYTHING Jesus ever said.

In a couple of online conversations with “conservative Catholics” who turned out to be Cuban, I came away blistered by their blatant hatred and total disregard for the Bible. What Bible were they reading?

The other incident was actually profoundly shocking. It was 2008 and it looked like Obama might get elected.

It was a home Bible study and the guest speakers were a Cuban couple who reportedly made a high income as “Christian motivational speakers.” My Christian friends were fearful. They had been fasting and praying for the salvation of America from a great threat. “Uh, oh, I must have missed something,” I thought. “America is under some great threat and I hadn’t noticed.”

The Cuban couple claimed to have been in Cuba when Castro came to power. Now that I think about it, they were too young for that to have been true. “The first thing Obama will do is take all the guns, just like Castro did,” they said. “He will jail all the Christians and nationalize all the businesses. He will take your property and force you to work in concentration camps.”

Yes, Obama was hell-bent on setting up a one-world government and was likely the anti-Christ. “BS,” I thought, but didn’t say out loud. It was a Bible study, after all. I’d been hearing someone was the anti-Christ since JFK was the anti-Christ. But I looked around at my friends and they believed every word.

“Obama will nationalize the banks,” Vanessa said. “Bush did that last week,” I pointed out. Confusion. “I am fasting and praying he won’t be elected,” said Bert. “Well, if he is elected, will you pray for him like the Bible says?” Silence. Fear. “Look, God has not given us a spirit of fear, right?” “Is God big enough to take care of you no matter who gets elected?” Cuban couple was glaring at me. “We will have to do something if he gets elected,” Cuban woman said. “We must act-and quickly.”

Solemn nods all around. “Listen,” I said. “You can’t be ruled by fear. That’s not from God. God is not a Democrat, right?” No, definitely not. “God is not a Republican, either.” Not so sure about that one, but no, of course God is not a Republican. “Hold onto your seats now-God is not even an American.” Audible gasp.  Then to my friend’s credit, laughter. Of course God is obviously not an American. But why does hearing that feel like heresy?

Cuban Couple jumped in, urging fear and hatred and armed resistance and carried the day. I looked around at my dear friends, their minds overthrown. I suddenly realized I was the enemy! I was what-a traitor, a heathen? I was one who would have to be killed, you know-for the sake of freedom, theocracy and all that. “Whoever these people are,” I thought, “they are extremely dangerous.”

Ted Cruz is a Cuban who claims to be a Christian and whose father is a radical right Christian Dominionist preacher. Ted Cruz has been annointed a king to transfer wealth from the gentiles (non-Dominionists) to the priests (Dominioinsts.) This is not something new, they have been around for awhile. Fascists always use religion, even the atheist Mussolini and the God-knows-what Hitler. Franco’s Catholicism was only slightly more believable. They are the self-proclaimed champions of God, nation, family and private enterprise. Those who do not support them are evil and evil must be eliminated, on the grounds that you can’t compromise with Satan.

Ted Cruz and his radical, seditious tribe are extremely dangerous.

Right-wing Cuban terrorism  


Living in Florida for 25 years I met many Cubans who had “fled from Communist oppression” in Cuba. I noticed that they were generally well-educated and were highly insulted if they were lumped with the “inferior” Latinos from Mexico or Puerto Rico.



    1. I have to believe there are decent Cubans. However, those who were recruited by CIA for terrorism are pretty darn far right and scary.

  1. They were very happy with batista.cuba was America’s whore house run by Costello, meyer lansky and sam giancana.When a well to do white girl got pringles, they flew her to cuba for an immediate abortion.cubanos are venal as the jews.Maybe they’ll go back there when El Caballo dies.Foster Dulles toled Fidel “we control 51% and you control 49%” that’s when Fidel told Dulles to go “fuck” himself and La Pachanga started towards communism.

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