Painting the National Mood: Heat Lightening

"Heat Lightening over the Bay
“Heat Lightening over the Bay

As I mentioned in a previous post, I find I am painting the national mood. Everyday I ask myself, “Self, what shall we paint today?” Then I see something and start painting. This is not as straightforward as it sounds.

Yesterday I saw heat lightening over Sarasota Bay. I spent a few hours many years ago watching this spectacle and it was awe-inspiring. What we called heat lightening was lightening dancing around in the sky unaccompanied by rain. Every time the lightening flashed the waves caught the reflections.

The national mood is anxious; things are looking a bit dark. Various impressive flashes of of the power-brokers dance overhead. But look, there are people living in those houses and the lightening is not destroying them, though it is creating quite a spectacle.

This too, shall pass. Perhaps a tree was felled by the lightening. We will cut it up and build a fire next holiday for the kids to toast marshmallows. We are survivors I tell you.


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