Some Things are So Beautiful I Forget to Breathe

Art: "School of Silvery Fish"
Art: “School of Silvery Fish”

Have you been underwater and seen a school of minnows flash in the sun? I used to live near various springs in central Florida and you could catch tropical fish for your tank from the spring runs. The water was as clear as air.

I once dove underwater and scared a school of minnows, who jetted off, in unison like a well-practiced drill team, their silvery scales glinting in the sunlight. They were so beautiful I forgot to come up for air for a long time.

I also fell in quicksand and grabbed an alligator by the tail. Yes, it was stupid, but how many people do you know who have been towed by an alligator?

Quicksand and alligators are part of everyone’s life in some metaphorical sense, I suppose. But with all my heart I hope everyone has also seen something so beautiful you forgot to breathe.

Just finished painting “School of Silvery Fish”

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