Mark, the Redneck Deer

Mark the Redneck Deer
Mark the Redneck Deer

I painted Mark, the Redneck Deer to atone for offending Mark the redneck deer hunter. It happened like this:

My daughter’s boss invited us to visit her church. This is a fairly common thing in Deepswamp, Georgia and everyone involved knows it is a friendly gesture. We followed her and her husband Mark’s pickup to the church and on the way we saw another truck pulling a trailer with a deer stand.

I told my daughter about a painting I had seen of a deerstand looming out of the swamp fog like a pagan altar. We laughed. Suddenly Mark’s truck veered onto the shoulder kicking up grass and sand and then recovered.

After church I asked what had happened. “He had his eye on the deerstand,” his wife answered. “Only in the south…,” I said shaking my head.

Later, I learned that Mark was offended. “What did she mean by that?” he wanted to know. “She means you’re a redneck,” his wife told him. I do not like offending people. Had my Yankee insensitivity crossed the magnolia boundary yet again?

So I painted this handsome deer and named it Mark. I showed his wife and told her to extend my apologies to her husband. She loved it. I explained that I love rednecks because I have never had car trouble that some nice redneck didn’t stop and help.

His wife seemed to think that Mark should just face the truth, which will set him free. šŸ™‚

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  1. LOL! Mark’s wife is buying him the painting for Christmas. Just to show what a good sport rednecks are, Mark also wanted to buy it. His wife told him it was sold. Wink-wink, nudge, nudge.

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