Please DO Touch the Tortoise

pleasedotouchI’ve spent three days making a bizarre 3D scuplture-painting of a tortoise. Many times during those three days, I asked myself, “Self, why in the heck are you doing this?” No one would ever want to buy it.

Self answered, “Because I think little kids must get sick of being told, “Don’t touch the art!” Kids, especially little kids, crave the chance to touch things. Its part of how they learn. I remember a great children’s museum in Boston where everything was touchable. Not only were the kids excited, the parents were ‘showing’ the kids how to do things. “Daddy, let me make a 6 foot bubble!” “OK, first let me show you how. First you dip the string in the soapy water…” Ten minutes later, Daddy was still making bubbles. Adults really need to play more.

So I’ll let Tortoise dry, paint him and put three coats of polyurethane on him. I have a theory that three coats of polyurethane would have preserved the Pharoahs better than mummification. Go ahead kids, “Please Do Touch the Tortoise.”

And don’t forget to have some fun today.

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