Hobby Lobby may go to hell

Full disclosure>I am a disgruntled former employee. An employee who is gruntled may have a different opinion. 🙂

Hobby Lobby is a chain of over 400 craft stores built on the Wal-Mart model. Like Wal-Mart, they compete with Chinese imports and use their volume to put smaller stores out of business. Unlike Wal-Mart, they claim to be founded on Christian principles. They are now posing as Christian martyrs to Obamacare, and many Christians will rush to their defense. That would be a mistake.

Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays, to encourage Sabbath-keeping. They pipe Christian music into the stores. I am a Christian and I assert that they have every right to do this. They have every right to buy cheap and make profits, even if it hurts America in the long run.

Hobby Lobby supports Christian ministries. They bailed out ORU when ORU’s financial shenanigans got them in trouble. They support the Alliance Defending Freedom Fund, which states, “The homosexual legal agenda is one of the greatest threats to religious freedom in America today.” That’s Hobby Lobby’s position on homosexuality.

What Did Jesus Say about Homosexuality: “_______” That was it, between the quotes-nothing.

While Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuality, Hobby Lobby will quote the Apostle Paul’s list of things that keeps you out of the kingdom of God. That list also includes “the greedy and swindlers.” (1 Corinthians 6:9-10) Hobby Lobby is greedy and they are swindlers and if they claim the Bible is true, then they are in just as much trouble as homosexuals.

I went to work for Hobby Lobby in 2009 as a floral designer. The job application says you must agree not to form a union and not to sue the company, even for sexual harassment; I’d never seen that on a job application before.

I was told I would be part-time for two weeks, then full-time with a raise and benefits (yay-health insurance!) They never fulfilled their promise. When I asked about this, I was told I would be full-time around Christmas, when things got busy. I was hired in April. My hours were cut or lengthened on whim-as it suited them.

Although I was hired as a designer and I was well-qualified to fulfill all the duties listed in the job description, I was not physically qualified to unload semis full of heavy merchandise, which was required. A manager stated at a staff meeting that we should move faster when unloading the semi, because “We have no prima donnas here.”

I got a doctor’s note that said I should be excused from the semi unloading, but was OK to do the other work. They promptly sent me home pending “investigation.” I asked to return to work with an accommodation during the investigation. Back and forth with the company (I even wrote to the owner) while they covered their arse in what I knew was a ploy to starve me out so I would just go away.

As it turns out, they had done the same to a previous employee, who was awarded a small settlement through the courts for disability bias.

They swindled me because they are greedy and if they start allowing one limping lady to stop unloading the semi, they might have to hire a crew of strong young people to come in and unload the semi, and this would cut into their profits.

If they want to “stand on the Bible,” they have to admit that greedy swindlers are heading for hell. Alternatively, they could start doing what Jesus said covers ‘all the law and the prophets’ and  “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”


  1. That is the most ridiculous story I have read in quite a while. All employers have the right to fire their employees for any reason or no reason at all. If having to unload the semi was part of the job description and you could not fulfill that then they were totally in the right. Stop looking for hand outs and settlements, America suing everyone for any minuscule reason is disgusting. And why would you attack their beliefs! And on top of that, you’re quoting and misquoting the bible, the Lord did speak out and was against homosexuality but the fact that you even brought that up in this topic that had nothing to do with homosexuality and spirituality is sad.

    1. Jesus said we treat others as we want to be treated. He said what you to for the least of these, you do for HIM.

      Now, do you want to be fired for no reason? No? Then do not do it to others. Is a physically impaired worker the least of these? What you do, you do to Jesus. And you will be judged on that basis.

      Don’t tell me about US employment laws while ignoring Jesus’ commands.

      I did not sue them, I asked for reasonable accommodation. My point is that they are greedy and greed is listed right along with homosexuality as a sin-in the same list. But when do you hear a sermon on greed as a sin in America?

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